How Long Will Mediation Take? What does it cost?
Each case is unique. Generally, cases scheduled for an individual consult with a mediator will last one (1) hour. Cases scheduled for a joint session, with all parties present, generally last two (2) hours per session. Some cases may require multiple mediation sessions. Mediation sessions are typically scheduled during traditional court hours of operation. Court Mediation offers, on a case by case basis, non-traditional hours (late afternoon and evening, for example) to better accommodate the needs of participants. At this time, there is no cost for a mediation session through Court Mediation.

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1. What is Mediation?
2. Why Should I Mediate? Do I need an Attorney to participate?
3. What types of cases and situations are able to be mediated at the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division?
4. How Is a Case Referred to Mediation?
5. What Should I Expect Once My Case is Referred for Mediation?
6. What should I Expect Once I Arrive for Mediation?
7. How Long Will Mediation Take? What does it cost?
8. What About Confidentiality and Privilege?
9. What Happens If I Cannot Reach an Agreement Through Mediation?