Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching helps individuals who are in addiction treatment and/or early recovery gain access to the resources, services and supports that will assist them to achieve long-term recovery. The program will help clients address areas of their lives that have been negatively impacted by addiction, including housing, education and employment.Recovery Coaches are not sponsors or therapists and will not offer counseling, therapy or other clinical profession services. Instead, they are peers who assist clients in navigating the path from a life of addiction to a life in recovery. Coaches have personal experience of navigating these paths and will offer “insider” knowledge.A Recovery Coach is a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovering community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor.The primary duties of a Recovery Coach are: 

  • To assist the person in recovery to direct his/her personal recovery using individualized action plans based on individual goals and needs.
  • To teach and support the skills needed by the individual to achieve those goals.
  • To introduce the person in recovery to available services, community resources, other agencies and service systems that can be utilized to achieve his/her goals.

Recovery Coaching is available to adult males and females in the Mahoning Valley who are in addiction treatment and/or early recovery and have a desire to participate in this program.

Donald Santarelli
Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic
Phone: (330) 719-8419

Carolyn Gentry
Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic
Phone: (330) 367-9728

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