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The Green Team conducts at least one Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day annually. At these events, residents can dispose of oil-based paint (still in liquid form), pesticides, automotive fluids and batteries, and other types of household wastes not accepted at the curb or at drop-off sites. The cost of these one-day events is considerable, thus the District has to review annual revenues in order to determine if funds are available for two drives in a year.

Please check the Green Team calendar page for details of upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

We accept the following items:
o Acids
o Adhesives/glue
o Aerosol cans
o Antifreeze
o Asbestos (double-bagged)
o Automotive Fluids
o Bleach
o Car batteries
o Caulks
o Fluorescent bulbs
o Gasoline
o Greases
o Herbicides
o Household cleaners
o Insecticides
o Lighter fluid
o Mercury
o Oil-based paint
o Pesticides
o Photo chemicals
o Poisons
o Pool chemicals
o Propane cylinders
o Roof coatings
o Shellac
o Solvents
o Stains
o Thinners
o Used motor oil
o Varnish
o Wood preservatives

 Latex paint will not be accepted. Dispose of water-based paint by hardening with sand or cat litter and placing with regular household rubbish.