Risk Management

Director of Risk Manager

Cathy Jones

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Risk Management Department is to to continuously develop, manage, and improve insurance and safety/occupational risk management practices in order to provide quality, cost-effective support to our internal customers and to protect the County’s financial wellbeing.  

What We Do

  • Secures auto and property insurance and handles claims
  • Creates and makes recommendations regarding the County's risk policies
  • Ensures that occupational safety laws and regulations are followed by employees
  • Administers the County's Retrospectively Rated Workers' Compensation program
  • Provides support and expertise to all County elected officials in the development and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs that help reduce the likelihood of incidents, injury or property loss
  • Manages the County’s vehicle fleet 
  • Serves as the County’s ADA Coordinator, responsible for coordinating the efforts of Mahoning County to comply with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and investigating any complaints that the entity has violated Title II

Revenue Source

Risk Management is funded by all funds, general and non-general.