Department Head
Jessy Horkey
Mission Statement
“In conformity with Mahoning County's Mission Statement, The Microfilm Department will best serve the citizens of Mahoning County by preserving public records on microfilm. It is our commitment to ensure the finished product meets archival quality and to provide access and reproduction capabilities through the use of modern technology.”

What We Do
The Microfilm Department was formed in 1971. The Department’s main purpose is the preserve valuable information through the means of microfilming. This procedure reduces the space needed to store the actual paper documents.

Over the years, Microfilm has reduced millions of various county records to film dating back to the 1800s. The most common records available on microfilm include the Court of Common Pleas, criminal and civil records, divorce cases, deeds, mortgages and tax records.

The Microfilm Department also provides accessibility service to the public to retrieve this information once they reduce it to microfilm.

Some of the Functions that We Perform are:
  • Prepare all documents for filming
  • Film county records
  • Develops film created in house
  • Film editing
  • Information retrieval
Revenue Source
The Microfilm Dept is fully funded by the General Fund.